From two months ago, Google’s rumored that Google would acquire Twitch for $1 billion. To the next two days, it’s a step closer to the official announcement. Twitch’s move into the $1 billion club will be a matter of course, and even the voice of the industry points out that Twitch’s The value is far more than $1 billion. As for why Google wants to acquire Twitch, there are different opinions and different opinions, but it is certain that from the effect that Twitch was purchased by Google for huge sums of money, China’s game broadcast industry will inevitably be affected by aftershocks. As Cao Jin, executive vice president of YY, said, the Twitch incident once again played an exemplary role for the domestic Internet. Whether it is an entrepreneur or an investor, there will be a copy immediately. Twitch’s acquisition shocked the upstream-live broadcast platform of China’s e-sports industry. The other event caused waves in the downstream. NewBee won the TI4, 5 million US dollars in the history of the e-sports winning prize, and the players and professional players were all shaken. This is the best era in the history of e-sports. Compared with the display mode of WCG as a single window in the past few years, e-sports has a 14-year history of WCG, and a new page has been opened. Rich bonuses When we were still amazed at IG’s $1 million winning prize in the previous year, TI4’s total prize money exceeded $10 million, the prize money was $5 million, and the highest prize in the eSports competition was pulled up five times in two years. . What is the concept of 5 million US dollars? Australian network Li Na won the Australian Open Championship prize of 2.31 million US dollars this year, the NBA Spurs won the prize of 2.48 million US dollars. In the recollection of WCG “Warcraft” champions remembered by a generation of people, only tens of thousands of dollars in winning prizes, the e-sports list is already too good from the bonus level. For a long time, we need to pay attention to the fact that no matter what competitive sports, the competition bonus is a major source of income for the players. After all, not everyone can become Kournikova. Therefore, the substantial increase in the prize money will bring positive stimulation to the industry. The turn of public opinion In South Korea, e-sports is known as “National Technology”. It is the three major sports events in Korea. There are as many as 10,000 professional e-sports players, and there are professional e-sports leagues every week. The prize money is also quite rich. In a survey conducted in the previous year, it was found that there were only a thousand professional e-sports players in China. “E-sports players are particularly stressed and cannot be recognized by the society. They believe that this is not doing business,” an early professional player. I once said to Ban Deng. This time, we watched that after NewBee won the TI4 project, including the Yangzi Evening News, the media in all places gave the sports section headlines to NewBee’s trip to Seattle. After recalling that IG won the TI2 competition the previous year, CCTV News Channel released the report on the scene in Seattle, and a series of reports on e-sports in the Sports Weekly… These are all showing the paradox about e-sports. It is slowly getting better. In fact, not only e-sports, the public opinion of the entire game industry is much better than a few years ago. I don’t know how much there is like the existence of a beast, but what I know is that the whole society now has a concept of games. There is no longer a single belief that the game will ruin the growth of young people. Policy support As early as 2003, the General Administration of Sports listed e-sports as one of the 99 sports, but for the development of China’s e-sports industry, the simple effect of its proof is greater than the actual significance. In the following years, the development of the entire e-sports industry has been tepid. Since 2009, the competent department of e-sports has clearly defined the information center of the State Sports General Administration. This has clarified the source for the source of policy and support. The WCG World Finals, which was known as the e-sports Olympics, settled in Chengdu. The event was very successful, which made the entire Chinese e-sports industry exciting from the event operators, players, and audience to the General Administration of Sport. Since then, in 2013, in 2013, WCG held the World Finals twice in China. At the beginning of last year, at the 4th Asian Indoor and Budo Games held in South Korea, China sent a 17-member e-sports national team, which showed its attitude towards e-sports. Fanatic fans in this TI4 final, more than 10 million US dollars in prize money, the channel is crowdfunding, it is entirely from the fans crowdfunding, although it is obtained through the props, but the figure of 10 million US dollars Not a younger brother. Then again, in April of this year, Tencent’s League of Legends (perhaps we prefer to call it LOL) announced that the number of simultaneous online users exceeded 7.5 million, the average daily game player reached 27 million, and the number of active players per month in the world was 6,700. Million. Last year, more than 32 million people watched the finals of the Global Championships held at the home of the US Lakers Staples, making it the best in e-sports history. In the finals, the game’s e-sports tab on the #World Finals # appeared at a frequency of up to 20,000 times per hour. Eric Martin, general manager of Reddit, said: “The League of Legends has been able to compete with the American Football League, Oscars and even national elections. What’s even more amazing is that many people have never played this game. Look at its game. Many people give up watching MMA (fighting competition), Nascar (car racing) and NBA, and will also go to see LOL competition.” E-sports fans’ spending power or crazy level is completely no less than entertainment. The fan economy in the industry, with the popularity of e-sports games such as DOTA and LOL, which have a large coverage among Chinese netizens, the fan economy is officially started. A gradual improvement of the industrial chain The current e-sports industry chain is still far from South Korea, Europe and the United States, but is gradually improving. Teng Linji, deputy general manager of the game Fengyun, once said, “In the past, most of the event organizations did not focus on accumulating users and producing good content. They only played games to run the competition. Naturally, it was not stable, and the sponsors were not enough at the time. Sober.” But now all kinds of e-sports live broadcast platforms are slowly improving the upstream of the industrial chain. YY live broadcasts, betta fish and other live broadcast platforms are all hiring at high salaries, and there may be false prosperity, but it is undeniable that in capital Under the operation of these platforms, these platforms are on the road to standardization. Secondly, we can see that game manufacturers have begun to have a new understanding of e-sports, such as Tencent’s own TGA events. For these game makers, e-sports may not bring the most intuitive revenue performance, but electricity The competition brings a leap in the brand and a good feeling in the hearts of the players. Therefore, in the upstream, the e-sports platform is gradually improving. In addition, based on the e-sports surrounding industries, for example, we can see the game commentary to open the Taobao store to expand revenue, high can reach more than 10 million per year, these are the performance of the industry chain gradually improved. For example, the operation of the current club has become much more professional than it was a few years ago, and China’s e-sports industry talents are beginning to emerge. The entire industry, from the game owners, platform parties, professional players, sponsors gradually realized the value of the e-sports industry, although this industry chain has just emerged, but China’s e-sports industry has started. Perhaps we will still see professional players succumbing to life after leaving the industry after retirement, but that will no longer be the majority, and the energy of China’s e-sports industry has been released.


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